Poem Without a Title 8


“Join us for a drink,” my workmates call out sometimes, when the air rushes in from the Jiang river and the moon looks like a scuffed coin on black silk. Then I thank the darkness for hiding the dirt the daylight reveals. Some evenings I join them and we play hooks and drink warm wine. Other times I hasten to my beauty in the Hengpeng district. Often I hear the carousing from behind her curtains, and the intimate voices of men and women. Afraid of being discovered, I hasten back down the steps. What a pity I have to hide so much in a city that is so full of fun! .

幽人不倦赏,      yōu rén bù juàn shǎng
秋暑贵招邀。      qiū shǔ guì zhāo yāo
竹碧转怅望,      zhú bì zhuǎn chàng wàng
池清尤寂寥。      chí qīng yóu jì liáo
露花终裛湿,      lù huā zhōng yì shī
风蝶强娇饶。      fēng dié qiǎng jiāo ráo
此地如携手,      cǐ dì rú xié shǒu
兼君不自聊。      jiān jūn bù zì liáo
The hermit 1 enjoys his endless rewards, the heat of Autumn makes one courteous,
Green bamboo 2 spreads its gloomy thoughts, the clear water is particularly desolate.
Flowers are finally moist with dew, butterflies float on gusts of wind.
Let us walk here hand in hand, for folks fine as us need not be alone.


About the Calligraphy
幽人不倦赏,秋暑贵招邀。The hermit enjoys his endless rewards, The heat of Autumn makes one courteous.  (3 rows, 14 characters, Cursive Cao Script): M.O. Ndesandjo

1.  The Taoist religion which was founded around the 5th century BC by Laozi and whose teachings are summarized in the Dao De Jing (The Way), encouraged adherents to isolate themselves as hermits in woods and mountains.

2.  Bamboo and in particular, bamboo leaves, are often associated with tears and sadness.

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