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This listing of Li Shangyin’s complete poems is largely translated from the marvelous reference of the complete works edited by Zheng Zaiying 《李商隐诗全集,2012 崇文书局》

For a complete list of sources see the Reference section.

This list is not perfect and is a work in progress. As items appear on the blog (with my comments and stories), links will be created below. The actual text will be added shortly to this section in the meantime.

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清河Qinghe River
向晚In The Evening
齐梁晴云The Cloud Goddess Of Qiliang
又效江南曲Jiangnan Song
俳谐Humorous Poem
无题(八岁偷照镜)Untitled Poem (At Eight You Stole A Look At Yourself In The Mirror)
无题Untitled Poem
无题(近知名阿候)Untitled Poem (I Recently Heard Of A Woman Called Aho)
荷花The Lotus
赠荷花A Gift Of A Lotus
陈后宫(玄武开新苑)The Palace Of Emperor Chen
陈后宫(茂苑城如画)The Palace Of Emperor Chen
隋师东Eastwards With The Soldiers
春游Spring Outing
天平公座中呈令狐令公,时蔡京在坐,京曾为僧徒,故有第五句The Fifth Poem Which, At The Tianping Banquet, Was Presented To Official Linghu, Stationed At Caijing And Who Studied The Scriptures In The Capital.
春日A Spring Day
春光The Radiance Of Spring
判春Judging Spring
牡丹(锦帷初卷卫夫人)The Peony
赠子直花下For The Flowers Beneath Master Zizhi
赠宇文中丞For Middle Assistant Yuwen
微雨(初随林霭动)A Little Rain
细雨(帷飘白玉堂)Drizzling Rain
谢书Thank You Letter
无题二首(长眉画了绣帘开、寿阳公主嫁时妆)Two Untitled Poems (You Paint Your Slender Face And Part The Splendid Curtains, Princess Shou Yang’s Marriage Makeup Is Bold)
咸阳XianYang Palace
春风Spring Breeze
早起Early Rising
樱桃花下Under The Cherry Blossoms
嘲桃The Peach
初食笋呈座中When The First Bamboo Shoots Emerge At The Start Of The Feast
赠勾芒神To Goddess Gouwang
寒食行次冷泉驿Cold Food For Times Of Cold Station
赠赵协律皙For Official Zhao While Briefly Posted At Xielv
钧天The Hanging Sky
乐游园Garden Outing
子直晋昌李花The Plum Flowers At Master Zizhe’s Jinchang Home
关门柳The Willows By The Pass
夕阳楼Sunset Tower
石城Stone City
赠歌妓二首Two Poems For The Singing Lady
城外Outside the City
安平公诗Rest In Peace Dear Mentor
过故崔衮海宅与崔明秀才话旧僚社、赵、李三掾 Translate
宿骆氏亭寄怀崔雍、崔衮Sent To Bosom Friends Cui Yong And Cui Gun From Luoshi Yuan Pavilion
滞雨Stagnant Rain
燕台诗四首Swallow Terrace Poems
春雨Spring Rain
咏云Ode To Clouds
柳枝五首 有序Five Poems To Willow
拟意First Impressions
无题(照梁初有情)Untitled Poem (The Light Above The Rafters Sparkles Like Jade)
河内诗二首Two Poems Of Henei County
夜思Night Thoughts
莫愁Miss No Worry
访白云山人Visiting The Man Of White Cloud Mountain
玉山Jade Mountain
无题Untitled Poem
昨日Yesterday Evening
一片(一片非烟隔九枝)A Piece
当句有对Some Words About Things That Match
无题(白道萦回入暮霞)Untitled Poem (The Whitened Path Blends Into Rosy Clouds)
残花Faded Flower
戊辰会静中出贻同志二十韵Twenty Verses Presented To My Colleagues In The Gathering Of The Year Wuchen
玄微先生Master Xuan Wei
别智玄法师Farewell to the Wise Taoist Teacher
碧城三首 Three Jade City Poems
无题(相见时难别亦难)Untitled Poem (It Is So Hard To Be With You)
无题四首(来是空言去绝踪、飒飒东风细雨来、含情春晼晚、何处哀筝随急管)Four Untitled Poems (Arrive Is Just An Empty Word, Sa! Sa! Rain And Wind, This Spring Evening, I Softly Sigh, How Freely The Mournful Zither Plays)
如有Were One
药转About the Potion
晓起Rising In The Morning
中元作Ghost Festival
嫦娥Chang E
霜月Frosty Moon
槿花二首Two Poems On The Hibiscus
袜The Demon
有感二首2 Poems On Feelings
重有感Feelings That Do Not Go Away
曲江Chu River
故番禹候以赃罪智不辜,事觉母者,他日过其门On My Feelings The Day I Passed The Door Where The ‘Guiltless’ Marquis Of Panyu Was Punished For Theft
李肱所遗画松诗书两纸得四十韵Two Pages Opf 40 Verses For Li Gong In Return For His Painting Of The Pines
哭遂州萧侍郎二十四韵 24 Verses Lamenting The Fate Of Consul Xiao Of Suizhou
令狐八拾遗见招送裴十四归华州The 8th Lost Property Assessor Linghu Tao Beckons Pei Shisi Back To Huazhou
赠白道者Presented To A Taoist Priest
南山赵行军新诗盛称游宴之洽因寄一绝A New Poem Enthusiastically Delivered With Apt Words For Zhao Xingjun Of Nanshan At His Evening Banquet
送从翁从东川弘农尚书幕Presented To Elder Father Wang The High Official Of The Honguang Clan Of Dongchuan
曲池Chu Pond
同学彭道士参寥To Fellow Scholar And Taoist Monk Peng In His Lofty Void
病中早访招国李十将军遇挈家游曲江二首While Sick, I Pay An Early Visit To Supreme General Li And Accompany His Family To The Qu River
和友人戏赠二首And Friends To Play Two Songs
题二首后重有戏赠任秀才After Two Poems, Another For The Excellent Exam Candidate
访人不遇留别馆A Farewell Gift For The Friend I Did Not Meet At The Inn
日高In The Middle Of The Day
蝇蝶鸡麝鸾凤等成篇A Poem On Flies, Butterflies, Chickens, Deer And Two Phoenix In Love
及第东归次灞上却寄同年Having Passed The Exam And Heading Back East, Written For My Classmates Left Behind At Upper Ba River
寿安公主出降The Marriage Of The Princess Of Long Life And Peace
韩同年新居钱韩西迎家室戏赠Given Playfully At The Farewell Dinner To Fellow Classmate On The Occasion Of Him Arriving At His New Home In The West.
哭虔州杨侍郎Weeping Over Consul Yang Of Qianzhou
圣女祠(松篁台殿蕙香帏)The Goddess Temple
自南山北归经分水岭From The Southern Mountains Returning Northwards, Passing The Watershed
圣女祠(杳蔼逢仙迹)Joan Temple (Yao AI Xian Ji Feng)
行次西郊作一百韵One Hundred Verses On The Expedition To The Western Suburbs
银河吹笙Playing The Sheng Over The Milky Way
彭阳公薨后赠杜二十七胜李十七潘,二君并与愚同出故尚书安平公门下After Penyang, Given To Official Du ‘Candidate 27’ Sheng And Li ‘Candidate 17’ Pan, Who With This Person Of Mediocrity And Mistakes Were Historical Classic Students At The Anping Bureau. (Third Year Of Kai Cheng)
撰彭阳公志文毕有感Writing About The Pengyang Memorial Inscription With Emotion
寄恼韩同年二首Two Poems Sent To My Fellow Exam Entrant Han (When He Was Heading Back To Spirit Cave)
破镜The Broken Mirror
寄远Sent Afar
寄永道士Sent To Tao Master Yong
寄罗劭舆Sent To Official Luo Shaoyu
和韩录事送宫人入道With Han Lushi Escorting The Palace Maidens Onto The Way Of The Dao
安定城楼The Towers Of Anding City
回中牡丹为雨所拜二首Two Poems On The Huizhong Peony After The Downpour
奉和太原公送前杨秀才戴兼招杨正字戎On The Decree At Tai Yuangong Offered To Former Scholar Yang Dai And Again Offering A Post To Governer Yang Rong
赠送前刘五经映三十四韵Thirty Four Ryhmes Presented To 5 Classics Scholar Li
十一月中旬至扶风界见梅花As I Looked At The Plum Blossoms Of Fufeng In The Middle Of The Eleventh Month
寄永道士Sent To Tao Master Yong
寄罗劭舆Sent to Official Luo Shaoyu
马嵬二首Two poems about Ma Wei思贤顿Xixian Station
九成宫The Nine Lives Palace
细雨(潇洒傍回汀)Light rain
别薛岩宾Farewell to Xue Yanbin
出关宿盘豆馆对丛芦有感Feelings Stirred Up By The Reeds While Leaving The Pass And Staying At Pandou Inn
次陕州先寄源从事First Mailed To Official Yuan While Lodging At Shanzhou
荆山Jing Mountain
戏赠张书记Playfully presented to Secretary Zhang
明神The Radiant Spirit
自贶To Myself
任弘农尉献州刺史乞假归京Requesting Leave To Return To The Capital From Governer Hong Nongwei Of Xianzhou
公子The Pampered Prince
鸾凤The Luan And The Feng
咏史Song of History
垂柳The Weeping Willow
无愁果有愁曲北齐歌A Poem about the Northern Ji ‘No Worry King has Worries’ Song
酬别令狐补阙Farewell to Official Ling Hu
和张秀才落花有感To Scholar Hezhang On The Emotions Aroused By Falling Flowers
与同年李定言曲水闲话戏作With My Old Friend Li Dingyan Resting And Enjoying Each Other’s Company By The Winding Stream
暮秋独游曲江When I Took A Lonely Stroll By The Winding River One Autumn Evening
赠华阳宋真人兼寄清都刘先生Offered And Posted To Master Song Of Huayang Temple And Elder Liu Of Qingdu.
月夜重寄宋华阳姊妹Written On A Moonlit Night Again For Master Song Of Huayang Temple’s Twosisters
送千牛李将军赴阙五十韵Fifty Verses Offered To General Li Of The 1000 Bull Knife Group On His Departure To Que
和郑愚赠汝阳王孙家筝妓二十韵With Official Zhang Yu I Offer Twenty Verses On The Occasion Of Being In The Home Of King Ruyang’s Grandson, Listening To The Maidens Playing The Zheng
华州周大夫宴席Banquet for Master Zhou of Huazhou
临发崇让宅紫薇The Violet Myrtle Overlooking Master Zongran’s Home
淮阳路Huaiyang Road
无题二首(昨夜星辰昨夜风、闻道阊门萼绿华)Two Untitled Poems (Yesterday Evening, The Night Was Wind, Towards Chang Gate, It Is Said, Where Lived Liu Hua)
曼倩辞Farewell to Scholar Man Qian
无题二首(凤尾香罗薄几重、重帷深下莫愁堂)Two Untitled Poems (How Many Layers Of Silk Are Printed With The Phoenix Tail?, Heavy Drapes Encompass Miss Placid’s Chamber)
无题二首(待得郎来月已低、户外重阴暗不开)Two Untitled Poems (The Moon Is Low In The Sky And He Hasn’t Yet Returned, Outside, Just Ceaseless Gloom)
可叹A Pity
镜槛The Mirror Pavilion
促漏Dripping Water
效徐陵体赠更衣Given To Scholar Yuling On The Subject Of Changing Clothes
拟沈下贤Modeled After The Poet Ya Xiaxian
碧瓦The Green Glazed Tiles
代赠Poem Offered
代赠二首Presenting Two Poems
代应二首Two Poetic Replies
代董秀才却扇To the Most Talented gentleman Dong at the Unveiling of His Bride
赠别前蔚州契苾使君Presented As A Farewell To The Noble Official Qi Bi, Recently Appointed At Weizhou
征步郎The Traveling Soldier
灞岸,The Coast of the Ba River
北齐二首Two Poems on the Northern Bei River
行次昭应县,道上送户部李郎中充昭仪攻讨Traveling through Zhaoying County, written on the road to Official Li of Lu on His Queling of the Rebellion
赋得鸡Fu On A Proud Rooster
和韦潘前辈七月十二日夜泊池州城下,先寄上李使君With Weipan The Elder On The 12th Day Of The 7th Month While Anchored At Chizhou, Sent To Official Li
过华清内厩门Passing The Stables of the Splendid Palace
华清宫(华清恩幸古无伦)Splendid Palace
华清宫(朝元阁迥羽衣新)Spendid Palace
龙池Dragon pool
骊山有感Impressions of Black Stallion Mountain
旧顿An Old meal
天津西望West View Bridge At Tianjin
涉洛川Wading Through The Luo River
东阿王The King of Donghe
十字水期韦潘侍御同年不至,时韦寓居水次故郭汾宁宅10 Verses Of When My Good Friend Official Weipan At Shizi Stream Could Not Visit, And I Was Living At Guo Binning villa In Shuici.
河阳诗Heyang poem
谒山Ye Mountain
归来The Return
白云夫旧居Monk Bai Yunfu’s Old Home
北青萝North Among Green Vines
和刘评事永乐闲居见寄On Seeing Liu Pingshi’s Letter When He Was Resting At Yongle
忆住一师Remembering the Sage
幽人The Hermit
酬崔八早梅有赠兼示之作For Cui Eight Have The Gift And The Morning
大卤平后移家到永乐县居,书怀十韵寄刘、韦二前辈,二公尝于此县寄居After Tai Luping I Moved My Family To Yang Le And Posted These 10 Verses To My Two Elders Liu And Wei, Who Often Used To Stay Here自喜Pleasing Oneself
春宵自遣Uplifting Thoughts on a Spring Night
.戏题赠稷山驿吏王全Playfully presented to Mi Mountain’s Post House Officer Wang Quan
登霍山驿楼Climbing the Yi Tower on Mount Huo
日射Slanting Sunbeams
题道靖院,院在中条山,故王颜中丞所置,虢州刺史舍官居此,今写真存焉While Staying At The Haozhou Provincial Office, I Wrote This Vivid Description Of The Peaceful Tao School At Zhongtiao Mountain, Built By Official Wangyan
奉同诸公题河中任中丞新创河亭四韵之作Offering These Gentlemen 4 Rhymes On Middle River Official Ren Zhongcheng’s Creation, The River Pavilion
过姚孝子庐偶书On Passing the Ideal Son Yao’s Home
灵仙阁晚眺寄郓州韦评事On The Evening View From The Green Spirit Pavilion, Sent To Wei Pingshi In Junzhou
寄和水部马郎中题兴德驿Sent with thoughts of Prefect Ma at Jongde Station
所居永乐县久旱,县宰祈祷得雨,因赋诗For The Homes Of Yang Le The Counties’ Prayers For Rain Are At Long Last Granted, Hence I Write This Fu
和马郎中移白菊见示On Prefect Ma’s poem ‘Seeing The Shifting Chrysanthemum’
所居At Home
秋日晚思Thoughts on An Autumn Evening
四年冬以退居蒲之永乐,渴然有农夫望岁之志,遂作忆雪,又作残雪诗各一百言,以寄情于游旧About The 4th Year When I Returned To My Home At Yongle In Puzhou, Taken With The Desire For The Farming Life, I Rememberd The Snow And Wrote 100 Verses On The Eve Of Winter, Then Sent A Passionate Letter About This Old Journey.
忆雪Remembering the Snow
残雪Fading Snow
喜雪Joyous Snow
题小松The Little Poplar
正月十五日夜,闻京有灯恨不得观Hating Being Unable To See The Capitol’s Bright Lights On The 15th Night Of The 1st Month Of The Lunar Year
得月照冰池Fu To The Moon That Illuminates The Frozen Pond
赋得桃李无言Fu To The Silent Plum And Peach Trees
永乐县所居,一草一木无非自裁,今春悉已芳茂,印书即事一章When I Lived at Yongle, I Grew Plants And Trees. Seeing Their Luxuriant Abundance This Spring, I Had To Write A Bit.
小园独酌Drinking Alone In The Little Orchard
小桃园The Little Peach Orchard
春日寄怀I Emotions on a Spring Day
落花Fallen Flowers
县中恼饮席Sitting And Drinking In The County
喜闻太原同院崔侍御台拜,兼寄在台三二同年之什Happy To Hear That Official Cui At Tai Yuan Served The Imperial Censer, And Also Sends His Regards To The 3rd And 2nd Year Fellow Exam Candidates
评事翁寄赐饧粥走笔为答Delivered to Master Wang Pingshi With Some Malt Gruel And Choice Words Of Reply
崔处士Dao Scholar Cui Chu
郑州献从叔舍人衰Given to Younger Uncle Official Fan at Zhengzhou
独居有怀The Sentiments of One Alone
七夕偶题Seventh Evening
寄令狐郎中While Writing to Official Ling Hu
汉宫词The Han Palace
隋宫守岁Anniversary of the Sui Palace
离亭赋得折杨柳二首Leaving The Pavilion And Offering To Odes To The ‘Song Of The Broken Willow’
送王十三校书分司Given To Wang’s 13th Son On The Allocation Of Journals To Country Offices
昭肃皇帝挽歌辞三首Three funeral procession songs dedicated to the Emperor posthumously known as Zhao Sun
烧香曲Ode to the Incense
闻歌Listening to a Song
百果嘲樱桃100 Fruit Deride the Cherry
樱桃答The Cherry’s answer
雨中长乐水馆送赵十五滂不及A Present To Master Zhao Delivered Too Late At Happy Water Station Beneath A Driving Rain
茂陵King Wu’s Tomb
蝶(叶叶复翻翻)The Butterfly
汉宫The Han Palace
华岳下题西王母庙Ode at Hua Shan Mountain before the Shrine of the Goddess of the West
华山题王母祠Ode at Hua Mountain to the Queen of the West
过景陵On Passing Jing Tomb
瑶池The Jade Pool
武夷山Mount Wuyi
海上Above the Sea
四皓庙The Western White Shrine
代秘书赠弘文馆诸校书On the Hong Wen Academy in Mishu County
喜舍弟羲叟及第上礼部魏公Happily Presented To Young Brother Xi Son On His Candidacy For Exams Administered By The Board Of Rites Under Official Wei
赠孙绮新及第Given To Sun Qi On The Occasion Of His Success In The Exams
海客Guest of the Sea
谢往桂林至彤庭窃咏A Song happily Sent To Guilin From The Crimson Court
离席Seat of Farewell
五松驿Five Pine Station
四皓庙(羽翼殊勋弃若遗)The Western White Shrine
商於新开路The New Shang Yu Road
送崔钰往西川Given To Official Cui Jue While On The Way To Sichuan
荆门西下Westwards From Jingmen
岳阳楼Yueyang Tower
梦泽Dream Lake
深树见一颗樱桃尚在I Saw A Cherry Tree In The Deep Woods At Shangzai
五月十五夜忆往岁秋与彻师同宿On The 15th Of May Remembering Those Olden Days I Lived With Master Che
奉寄安国大师兼简子蒙Posted To Anguo’s Master Monk On Behalf Of Disciple Jian Zimeng
寄华岳孙逸人To Hermit Sun of Yue Hua Mountain
晚晴Clear Evening
寓晴Yu Qing
酬令狐郎中见寄An Epistle Sent After Seeing Official Linghu
怀求古翁Old Master Qiu Gu’s Magnanimity
寄成都高、苗二从事Presented In Chengdu To Officials Gao And Miao
灯The Lamp
朱槿花二首The Hibiscus
花下醉Drunk Under The Flowers
桂林道中作Written on the Guilin Road
海上谣Ballade Over The Sea
到秋Into The Autumn
端居Normal Times
席上作Seated at the Banquet
城上On the City Walls
高松Lofty Poplar
夜意Night Thoughts
访秋Pseudo Autumn
丹丘Magic Mountain
江村题壁River Village Graffiti
自桂林奉使江陵,途中感怀,寄献尚书Moved By Passion While Enroute, I Offer This Tribute To The Emperor’s Ambassador To Jiangling In Guilin
洞庭鱼Dongting Fish
凉思Discouraging Thoughts
宋玉The Poet Song Yu
楚宫Chu Palace
人日即事Improvisation On The Day Of Mortals
赠刘司户蕡Given to Official Liu
题鹅The Goose
异俗二首Two Poems On Strange Customs
射鱼曲Spearing the Fish
乱石Crazy Stones
木兰The Lily Magnolia
北楼North Tower
思归Thoughts of Returning
失猿The Lost Ape
寄令狐学士Sent to Scholar Ling Hu
槿花The Hibiscus Flowers
贾生Master Jia
楚宫Chu Palace
岳阳楼(汉水方城带百蛮)Yueyang Tower
离思Parting Thoughts
同崔八诣药山访融禅师Paying A Visit With Official Cui To Master Rang Of Yao Mountain
有感(非关宋玉有微辞)With Emotion
高花The Tall Flower
水天闲话旧事Leisurely Thoughts On Ancient Stories Of The Water And The Sky
过楚宫Passing Chu Palace
楚宫(十二峰前落照微)Chu Palace
摇落Distant And Falling
无题(万里风波一夜舟)Untitled Poem (10,000 Miles Of Wind And Waves Rock My Boat)
夜雨寄北Written on a Rainy Night
因书Because Of The Letter
江上On The River
楚吟Song of Chu
听鼓Hearing The Drums
楚泽Chu Station
汉南书事On The Southern Han Incident
赠田叟To The Old Fieldhand
归墅Returning Home
九月於东逢雪On Encountering Snow In The 9th Month In Eastern Sgang County
陆发荆南始至商洛Travelling From Jingnan To Shanglong
商於Shang Yu
送丰都李尉To Officer Li in Fengdu
梦令狐学士Dreaming of Scholar Ling Hu
肠My Belly
旧将军The Retired General
公子(外戚封侯自有恩)The Prince
富平少候Marquis Fu Ping
宫中曲Song Of The Inner Palace
宫妓The Palace Sycophant
歌舞Song And Dance
深宫Hidden Palace
屏风The Screen
宫辞Palace Words
韩碑Memorial Tablet To Master Han
和孙朴韦蟾孔雀咏Singing About Peacocks With Mr He Sun And Mr Wei Chan
韦蟾Mister Wei Chan
娇儿诗My Cherished Son
赠司勋杜十三员外Given In Praise Of Du Mu To His 13 Compatriots
杜司勋On the Merits of Du Mo
过故府中武威公交城旧庄感事Feelings On The Incident At The City Outskirts At The Old Village Concerning Official Wu Wei
李卫公Official Li Wei
流莺The Wandering Oriole
泪Singing the Blues
裴明府居止Official Pei Ming’s Home
戏题友人壁Playful remarks At A Good Friend’s Home
访隐Visiting the Hermit
子初全溪作Master Zi Chu at Full Brook Lake
子初郊墅Zi Sun’s Villa In The Suburbs
送郑大台文南觐Presented To Zhong He’s Eldest Son Tai Wen On The Occasion Of His Southern Homage To His Father
令狐舍人说昨夜西掖玩月,印戏赠Given To Official Ling Ye Regarding Last Night’s Revel Beneath The Moonlight
街西池馆The Inn at West Road Pond
过郑广文旧居After Visiting Zhang Guangwen’s Old Home
韩翃舍人即事Official Han Hong’s Inspirational Writing
漫成五章Five Improvised Poems
漫成三首Three Poems in an Improvised Manner
九日Ninth day Of The Ninth Month
过伊仆射旧宅Visiting Yi Puxie’s Old Villa
念远Missing You From Afar
赠从兄阆之A Given to brother lang
哭刘蕡Lament for Liu Ben
哭刘司户蕡Lament for Registrar Liu Ben
哭刘司户二首Weeping for Registrar Liu – Two Poems
复至裴明府所居Again To Official Pei Ming’s House
寄裴衡Epistle to Pei Heng
对雪二首Two Snow Poems
东下三旬苦于风土马上戏作A Playful Verse On 30 Days On Horseback Heading Eastward, Blown Like Dust
青陵台Black Hill Terrace
题汉祖庙A Few Words On The Memorial Temple
偶成转韵七十二赠四同舍a classic variation style of 72 verses given to 4 fellow officials
戏题枢言草阁三十二韵32 Playful Verses For Master Shuyou At Grass Pavilion
汴上送李郢之苏州Sent from Kaifeng to Li Yang of Suzhou
板桥晓别Morning Farewell At Woodbridge Inn
魏候第东北楼堂,郢叔言别,聊用书所见成篇A Description Of Ying Chu’s Farewell In The Northeast Hall Of Weikou Mansion
复京Return to the Capitol
浑河中General Hun of Hezhong
读任彦昇碑Reading The Memorial To The Rise Of Yan Yi
献寄旧府开封公Presented To A Former Official At Kaifeng
谢先辈防纪念拙诗甚多,异日偶有此寄Remembering So Many Clumsy Poems Sent To Master Xie Fang
越燕二首Southern Swallow – Two Poems
虐柳Mocking Willow
蝉The Cicada
七月二十八日夜与王郑二秀才听雨后梦作A Dream Poem Composed After Listening To The Rain The Evening Of The 28th Day Of The Seventh Month In The Company Of Wang Zheng And Er Xiucai
代应To What Must Be
追代卢家人嘲堂内When Lu Jia Mocked Beautiful Mo Chou
代越公房妓嘲徐公主 On The Scolding Of Princess Xu At Yue Gong Palace
代贵公主For The Honorable Princess
咏怀寄秘阁旧僚二十六韵26 Heartfelt Verses For The Former Official Of Mige Prefecture
有感(中路因循我所长)With Feeling
辛未七夕Seventh Evening Of The Seventh Month In The Year Xinwei
房中曲Love Song
相思Intimate Thoughts
王十二兄与畏之员外相访,见招小饮,时余以悼亡日近不去,因寄Sent To 12th Brother Wang And Weizhias They Have A Drink, As I Am Unable To Attend And Have Just Completed Mourning My Late Wife
故驿迎吊桂府常侍有感Sentiments Felt At The Old Post Station While Paying Homage At The Funeral Of A Former Official
宿晋昌亭闻惊禽Startling The Birds At Jinchang Pavilion One Evening
晋昌晚归马上赠A Gift Written In Haste While Returning To Jinchang One Evening
留赠畏之A Weizhi Souvenir
赴职梓潼留别畏之员外同年Offered to Official Weizhi As A Souvenir From Zitang
钱席重送从叔,余之梓州At A Farewell Banquet, Again Sent While Travelling From Shu, Across Zizhou
西南行却寄相送者A reply from the Southwest Expedition
鸳鸯Mandarin Duck
王昭君Wang Zhaojun
悼伤后赴东蜀辟关至散关遇雪A Walk Interrupted By Snow While Heading To East Shu, After An Injury
利州江潭作The Dragon Pool At Lizhou
望喜驿别嘉陵江水二绝Two Parting Poems About The Jialiang River In Wang Jiayi Prefecture
张恶子庙Zhang Yazi Temple
梓潼望长卿山至巴西复怀谯秀Zitong Wang Changqing mountain to Brazil Huai Qiao show complex
迎寄韩鲁州瞻同年A Welcoming Epistle For Comrade Han Guozhou
武侯庙古柏The Cypresses By The Mausoleum Of The Duke Of Wu
五言述德抒情诗一首四十韵,献上杜七兄仆射相公40 Verse 5 Syllable Lyric Verse Humbly And Wholeheartedly Offered To My Noble 7th Brother Du
今月二日,不自量度,輒以诗一首四十韵干渎尊严。伏蒙任恩俯赐披览,奖逾其实,情溢于辞。故惟疏芜,曷用酬戴,輒复五言四十韵诗献上,亦诗人咏叹不足之义也This month on the 2nd day, being totally unworthy, having therefore prepared a miserable 40 verses for your eminence. I bow and offer them to you so that in your kindness and grace you may read and peruse them. Expressing more than it seems, hereby this affectionate feeling has spilled into words. May you turn towards this dredged weeds as I again toast you with a 5 syllable 40 verse poem, which still will not, this poet declares, do you justice)
杜工部蜀中离席Leave Tu Fu Shu
井络The Wells
三月十日流杯亭At Floating Mug Pavilion On The 10th Day Of The 3rd Month
西溪(怅望西溪水)West Brook
夜出西溪Night over West Brook
西溪(近郭西溪好)West Brook
巴江柳The Willows of Ba River
北禽Northern Bird
代魏宫私赠A Private Missive To Chu Palace
代元城吴令暗为答General Wu’s Secret Reply From Yuancheng County
壬申闰秋题赠乌鹊Written For The Magpies On The Seventh Night Of The Seventh Month
二月二日Second Day Of The Second Month
初起First Rise
夜饮Drunken Evening
写意Expressive words
柳下暗记Secret Memories From Under The Willow
细雨成咏献尚书河东公The Rain Into Yongxian Shang Gong Dong
寄太原卢司空三十韵Thirty verses Delivered To Tai Yuanlu And Sikong
春深脱衣Removing My Clothes in a Deep Passion
偶题二首Two Casual Poems
七夕(斜分凤帷开)Seventh Evening
李夫人三首Three Poems for Madame Li
房君珊瑚散Fang Jun’s coral powder
属疾Sick Leave.
杨本胜说于长安见小男阿衮Yang Ben On Meeting My Son Agun In Chang An
有怀在蒙飞卿From The Heart Of Minister Zai Mengfei
忆梅Remnants of a Plum
天涯World’s End
赠柳To Willow
题李上暮壁Inscription To Li Shangmo
江亭散席循柳路吟归官舍Thoughts On Returning To Work While Walking On The Willow Path After The Jiang Pavilion Banquet
寓兴Simple Pleasures
闻著明凶问哭寄飞卿Tearfully Sent To Minister Fei On News Of The Death Of Mingxiong
江上忆严五广休Memories Of Yan Wuguang While On The River
题白石莲花寄楚公On Marble and Lotus Flowers Sent To Mong Chugong
题僧壁Temple Wall
僧院牡丹The Peonies In The Purple Courtyard
华师Monk Hua
送臻师二首To the Invisible Man
明禅师院酬从兄见寄A Toast To The Enlightened Congxiang At Chong Courtyard
赠庾十二朱板Red Script Presented To Twelve Pearl Board
人欲Human Desire
访隐者不遇成二绝On Attempting To Meet One 2 Times Without Success
病中闻河东乐营置酒口占寄上Sent On Hearing Of Your Amorous And Drunken Pleasures At West Lake While I Was In The Middle Of My Illness
南潭上亭席集以疾后至因而抒情Lyric Thoughts On Northern Pavilion’s Evening Banquet, After My Illness
妓席暗记送同年孤独云之武昌I Sent To Wuchang The Same Year A Signal Lonely Cloud
饮席戏赠同舍Playfully Presented To A Drinking Friend
饮席代官妓赠两从事Two Things Presented On Behalf Of The Court Mistress
梓州罢吟寄同舍A Song Sent To My Compatriot From The State Of Zi
蜀桐The Tong Trees of Shu
筹笔驿At Chanbi Station
行至金牛驿寄元渤海尚书Bohai Yi Yuan Shang To Send Taurus
重过圣女祠On Entering The Shrine Of The Female Immortal
韩冬郎即席为诗相送,一座尽惊。他日余方追吟“连宵侍坐徘徊久”之句有老成之风,因成二绝寄酬,兼呈畏之员外Extremely startled, a spontaneous poetic exchange with Han Donglang. He urges us to write a few words on ‘This very night, seated and pacing back and forth’, in an unhurried fashion, as a farewell present, and out of respect for his new government assignment.
赠宗鲁筇竹杖On Giving Mr Zonglu A Bamboo Walking Stick
寄蜀客Sent to a Guest of Shu
题郑大有隐居Zhangda’s Hidden Place
鄠杜马上念汉书Reading The Books Of Han While On Horseback In Yudu
李花Plum Flowers
乐游原(万树鸣蝉隔岸虹)An Outing
乐游原(向晚意不适)An Outing
过招国李家南园二首Two Poems After Visiting The Li Family’s Southern Garden In Zhaoguo
崇让宅东亭醉后沔然有作Written While Drunk And Bewildered At Chongran Villa’s West Pavilion
七月二十九日崇让宅宴作The 29th of the 7th Month at Chongran Villa’s Banquet
夜冷Cold Night
昨夜Yesterday Evening
西亭West Pavilion
幽居冬暮Secluded in a Winter Sunset
正月崇让宅First Month at Chongrang Villa
江东Eastern Jiang
杏花Apricot flower
赠郑谠处士To Scholar Zheng Dangchu
南朝(地险悠悠天险长)Southern Dynasty
南朝(玄武湖中玉漏催)Southern Dynasty
齐宫词Song of the Qi Palace
咏史Historial Poem
景阳井Jingyang well
景阳宫井双桐Jing Yang Palace’s Well of the Two Phoenix
览古Visiting Historical Places
和人题真娘墓The tomb of the real mother
游灵伽寺Lingga Temple Tour
吴宫Wu Palace
隋宫(乘兴南游不戒严)Sui Palace
隋宫(紫泉宫殿锁烟霞)Sui Palace
风雨Wind and Rain
河清与赵氏昆季宴得拟杜工部Heqing and Zhao Kun Du and industry have to feast season
井泥四十韵40 Verses To A Muddy Well
寄在朝郑曹孤独李四同年Sent to Zheng Cao lonely Lee four year
哀筝The Crying Zither
晓坐Sitting At Dawn
一片(一片琼英价动天)A Flake
锦瑟The Ornamented Zither